A brief period of respite found at the Day Care centre

My sincere thanks to the staff at the Uplands Day Centre in Shrewsbury for the way they look after my husband Michael each week allowing me a brief few hours of normality and respite from constantly caring for someone

with advanced Alzheimers and vascular dementia. It has become a life line for me. The staff at the day centre are very patient, skilled and very caring. They put you at ease straight away and give peace of mind to leave your loved one in their care. They treat my husband with the greatest of dignity and spend one to one time with him during his stay to ensure that he feels safe and secure as well as being included in all activities with other attendees using the day care centre.

The Uplands Day Centre is a superb new building, purpose built to deal with the needs of dementia sufferers. It is immaculately maintained with a large area both inside and out to wander around in. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting.

Each day brings new challenges with personal care and I know it isn’t to long before full residential care is the only option for my husband. I remain indebted to the Uplands Day Centre staff and wish all carers and sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s had the opportunity to take advantage of the superb care given by this outstanding day centre.

Cicely Lloyd